justin_barrette (justin_barrette) wrote,

Why so serious?

I have see the light! Or well, I have seen the Knight... The Dark Knight. I know, so cheesy of me. But anyhow... I thought it was brilliant. I love that they had the Scarecrow in the beginning, that was great. I enjoyed seeing Harvey Dent before he became Two-Face... though I was kind hoping they wouldn't kill him off, so if another movie was made, they could take that farther. I do hope they get another film in... I want to see thier Catwoman and Penguin. I wish Heath Ledger hadn't passed on... he was the best joker I have ever seen. Of course, there are many other rolls that he would have been brilliant in. But as a last hurrah... it was brilliant. I would also like to say, that when it comes to catwoman- where they to make another film, including catwoman- I vote Romola Garai or Angelina Jolie.... but I like Romola better. So very unassuming, yet so can realy have that sexy appeal too. I don't know why the fuck they put Halle Berrie in that bloody film... they crapped up the name that is Catwoman. Though Michelle Phifier was a brilliant catwoman. Best ever... but I've really liked all the knew people better than the originals... so lets see if they can best my favorite catwoman.

Also, giving in to a fad...

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