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Stolen from Kate

Friends of the Opposite Sex

Name 10 Opposite Sex Friends
1.: Simon (D'Arcy)
2.: Bishop
3.: Guy
4.: Tom
5.: Jack
6.: Cutler
7.: James
8.: Barnaby
9.: Leon
10.: Linnet
Would You Rather...
Party With 1 or 7: Simon, for sure
Marry 2 or 6: Bishop... even if I'm not his type
Kill 3 or 8: oooh, but I love them both... erm... Guy, I suppose
Date 9 or 10: Linnet, because scruff is hot
Make Out with 4 or 7: Another hard choice... Tom... for a reason I will not state...
Cuddle With 6 or 8: Barnaby, no question there
Have Kids With 4 or 5: Tom, he likes kiddies
Live With 1 or 9: Simon.
Be Stuck on an Island with 2 or 5: Jack, he might be able to russle up some sea turtles
Trade Lives with 8 or 10: Barnaby, I'd be wicked hot then too
Wake Up Next To 4 or 9: Tom, cause he's a cut sleeper
Completely Disown 3 or 7: Guy, I couldn't abandon Jamie
Who Has the Best..
Eyes: Bishop
Smile: Tom
Face: Simon
Body: Guy
Abs: Linnet
Ass: Barnaby
Style: Jack
A Few More Questions..
Has 3 ever hurt you?: Not on purpose... he just doesn't think before talking
Have you ever hurt 4?: Tom that I know of
Who's the funniest?: Guy.
Can you beat up 8?: I would never try...
When is the last time you saw 9?: Oh man, like a week... him and Barnaby are bickering
Who's the smartest?: Bishop
How long have you known 2?: Eight years
What would you do if 1 and 6 started dating?: Laugh at the hright differance
Who is 5 dating/crushing on?: Mary... he loves her madly
Does 7 smell good?: Guh... just, guh
Who will you still be talking to in 15 years?: Most of them, I'm sure...

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