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Creepy Comics

The following is true. I would like to find out more about it, but am having trouble doing so. If you know how, please let me know. Names may have been changed for some purpose or another.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
Creepy Comics

Izzy Wilson was once respected a the king of horror, he made lots of money creating a variety of truly twisted comics. But after a dry spell, his publisher was giving him anything but respect. In fact, the man was so cruel, and sharp tongued that he cut right through poor Izzy. Izzy was warned, that if he did not get something good in asap- that he'd be dropped for some kid fresh out of school. Izzy promised a hit.

That night, the police came to Izzy's publisher's door... Kip's harsh words, and poor treatment of Izzy over the years had destoryed poor Izzy's will to live. Izzy had thrown himself off a bridge that night, and Kip was brought to the morgue to identify Izzy's body. Kip made a few stops before he headed home... when he got there, there was a package for him.

The package was from Izzy Wilson. His work that he'd promised. Depicted in the art was the days events... how Kip had been cruel to Izzy... how Izzy had gone home and worked on the comic... then killed himself... it even showed Kip in the morgue... furthermore... it showed Izzy sitting across from Kip in the living room where Kip sat looking over the art.

Kip looked up to see Izzy's corpse looking back at him. "Am I scaring you now, Kip? Is this Scary enough for you, Kip?"

The next day Kip was found dead on the living room floor, having died of a heart attack. Just like in the artwork scattered around his body. That was all that was found with him... aside from a lock of seaweed was the river... yes, the river Izzy had died in the night before.
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