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7 July 1988
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"Oh I think God appreciates it even more... because He created you in His image. At least that's what I was always taught. And since God is love and God doesn't make mistakes, then you must be exactly the way He wants you to be... the way He intended you to be.

And that goes for every person, every planet, every mountain, every grain of sand, every song, every tear, and EVERY FAGGOT. We're all His, Emmett. And he loves us all."

Now I'm not religious, really. I have no orthodox faith... but that's a kick-ass message! Go Theodore!

Okay, you want to know about me? No? Well too freaking bad, so shut up and listen. :P

I hate my town, I hate my eldest brother, and I hate George Bush. All for damn good reason, mind you.

My town is full of conservative hicks who think war is the answer to everything and fags are going to burn in hell. Of course I'd be unhappy here.

My eldest brother is and asshole, who, since day one has had no faith in me, I doubt he even cares about or loves me. He even said that I would most likely be a serial killer when I grew up. Oh my god, so I at worms at the age of four... seriously I think he has the problem. And finally, Bush... Dumb-ass. Homophobic. Hypocritical. Selfish. Conservative. Closed-minded. Hitler wanna-be. Prick. I'll stop there.

Hm... what else. Ah! I am a Fag Hag... and not one of the self-proclaimed ones either. I'll love who I love, man or woman... so I guess that makes me bi. My favorite color is black. I like to where black. I like to paint my nails black. I like black eye-liner... Black looks good on me. ^_^

I highly doubt most people would look at me as Goth... I'm more a poria, really. I probably didn't spell that right. Anyhow, from how I look at it... we all get labeled by assholes anyway... so if my subcatagory is still under Freak/Social outcast... than I'm good.

Randy is call me Justin and I'll cut you love

Ted/Justin is money grubbing whore/sugar daddy love

Wicked is Love

Lost is Love

Jack Davenport hands are love

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